Logistics Courses

We deliver a wide variety of accredited logistics courses for directors, managers and career development and upskilling

Our logistics courses are designed to those who are experienced in logistics industry management and are looking to develop their skills further. We have accredited logistics courses such as CILT and leadership and management that will help you learn how to manage a team effectively.

Transport Manager CPC

Transport Manager CPC

The Transport Manager CPC course is delivered four times a year and is a requirement under EU law for owners…

Transport Manager Refresher

This two-day course is for existing Transport Managers and helps ensure they keep up-to-date with industry developments and regulations.

Skills Bootcamps

Skills Bootcamps provide learners with skills that employers need.  They are courses which give people the opportunity to gain sector-specific skills and…

Transport Manager CPC

Green Logistics

Green Logistics is designed for a better understanding on how protecting the environment and resourcing sustainable logistics for our future…


Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor – DGSA

Any company involved in transporting dangerous goods has been required to employ a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor - DGSA.

Driver Accidents & Corporate Liability

Driver Accidents and Corporate Liability

This half-day course is for all directors and managers who have responsibility for company fleets.

Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management

On the Leadership and Management course, managers will learn how to manage a team effectively.