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Driver Accidents and Corporate Liability

Driver Accidents & Corporate Liability


The Driver Accidents and Corporate Liability half-day course is for all directors and managers who have responsibility for company fleets. During this interesting and engaging Driver Accidents and Corporate Liability course, delegates will develop their knowledge and skills in managing post incident activity and discover ways to reduce insurance premiums and accident costs as well as understanding the impact of corporate liability.

Course Content

Why it is a good idea to investigate all incidents
When your vehicles become involved in road incidents it is NOT usually a driving skills issue… your drivers know how to drive!
It is usually the result of poor decision making and/or an element of risk taking.
It is vital that all incidents are investigated, so that drivers know there are consequences to incident involvement.

What managers can do to help reduce incident numbers & costs
Managing incident costs requires two distinct approaches. Firstly, how do we reduce the number of incidents and secondly, how do we reduce the cost of incidents.
The session discusses how to approach effectively from both angles.

What drivers should do to help you reduce incident numbers & costs
Data collection by drivers is vital to controlling costs, including the benefits of rapid reporting. Your insurance company can help you reduce costs, but only if you rapidly
supply them with good quality data.

Drivers are a key part of incident mitigation… if managed in the correct way.

Effective driver interview techniques…How to interview from a position of strength
Interviewing the driver is a skill which can produce financial benefits if utilised correctly.
We will look at how to effectively conduct a beneficial interview.

Fleet Safety Policies. Why they exist and how we need to manage them
Running a vehicle Fleet on public roads is a significant corporate risk.
Safety policies provide corporate protection… but only if managed efficiently and correctly!

Background knowledge required to enable effective investigations
It is essential that the interviewer/investigator has the correct background knowledge to
enable accurate results to be obtained.
This session will look at where and how we obtain this essential background knowledge.

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