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Fantastic Driver CPC Feedback

We have recently received some fantastic feedback from Driver CPC candidate, Jeff Kay…

“It’s actually hard to know where to begin in terms of the praise that I feel about the whole experience, so perhaps right at the beginning is a good place.

Sometime back in October 2019, I attended an open day held at the premises of Transafe; I was immediately struck by how open and genuinely friendly all the staff on duty that day were towards me. I was particularly struck by the fact that a light buffet style lunch was available FOC, but far more importantly was the impression that Caroline Hotchkin left with me. She gave up her own time sat down one on one with me and took me through each and every stage of the process of achieving my goals of obtaining all my licences. At no time did Caroline subtly coerce me into using only your facilities to achieve this … I can tell you that makes an enormous difference, and a very positive one too. And that’s the key.

If, I am going to purchase something of value to me, then, the seller needs to be someone I can trust, respect and like. Fail one of those, no sale.

I also have to mention, Michelle Snow and Dawn Watson, who from that October, through the COVID-19 crisis have been brilliant at keeping me informed at every step of the way, until a new course date could be set.


The course was extremely informative to a complete novice like me, well-paced, and at times light hearted. The tutor was exceptionally well qualified and experienced to give realistic scenarios that took the emphasis from just following material on display. His patience was undoubtedly put to the test when myself and the other candidate had to get our heads around drivers’ hours!! He succeeded brilliantly. He encouraged open discussion, and never once made you feel inferior to his knowledge; as our confidence grew he actively encouraged us to challenge him and the prevailing orthodoxy that governs regulations and legislation. Opinions were aired and not always agreed upon; but that is all part of the rich mix – don’t change it.

If there is one thing that I would change it would be to not have so many slides to follow, allow a more open discussive style of interaction; use a few pertinent points and build a theme around it, rather than relying on just slide after slide after slide, and then use them afterwards to support the points made. If you are dealing with experienced drivers this will be more engaging than what was experienced by myself.

Also, being inexperienced, a more practical aspect would prove very useful, so for instance, rather than telling me ‘to ensure the load is secure’, show me how to do it, show me what is an insecure load. Show more than tell would be my advice.

Among drivers of a certain age, common sense is still remarkably common, but experience may not be. But overall, I would strongly, and without reservation, recommend this course to anyone and everyone, who is thinking, like me, to do all their HGV licences. Perhaps to illustrate the positive impact that this course had upon me, let me remind you that I live in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, and without naming names, there is a HGV training centre very close to where I live. And I have visited there after I had been to the open day in October 2019.

Impressions count …

I chose instead to travel nearly 60 miles round trip each day (not to mention the Humber Toll), rather than the 20 or so minutes it would’ve taken me if I had chosen to do this course locally.

In closing it is my intention to complete all of my training with Transafe, as I absolutely believe I am in good and safe hands.

Jeff Kay.

Ps, the coffee … dreadful!!!

But you are all such brilliant people, and thank you so much for everything that you did during this COVID-19 crisis.”