The DriverMetrics® programme is designed to assess driver behaviour through online assessments, helping to reduce driver risk.

DriverMetrics® is the world’s number one behavioural driver safety programme and is the most scientifically validated Profiling tool for assessing driver risk. Our driver profiling tools, together with integrated eLearning are used worldwide.


The DriverMetrics programme is made up of the following

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    Online behavioural assessment
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    Driver Workshops

Depending on the DriverMetrics results of the driver, if needed, training will take place in Transafes LGV simulator. This will allow for scenarios to be practiced which are tailored to individual and company needs.

Benefits of The DriverMetrics programme

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    Insurance reduction
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    Fuel efficiency
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    A range of behavioural options can be delivered
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    Driver risk assessment can be completed online
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    Driver risk identified
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    Your global fleet can be accessed in any language
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    Each drive will receive tailored feedback
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    Drivers will learn in Transafes LGV simulator for scenario based training.

Our LGV Simulator

Receive tailored, scenario based training in
Transafe’s LGV simulator.

LGV Apprenticeships

LGV Apprenticeship programme, new to 2019.
Apprentices will learn all aspects of professional driving
as well as gaining their Category C and C+E licence.